Posting Guidelines

Send submissions to  Indicate whether or not you want the posting to be submitted anonymously.  If so, the posting will be listed as "From Anonymous".  Anybody is allowed to comment; all comments are made anonymously.

Note on posting Copyright-protected material: please excerpt a minor part of copyrighted articles and supply web pointers to the articles themselves--even if they require a free or non-free registration to read at the original source.

Sadly, even this blog needs some posting guidelines,  so here they are:  keep it professional.  If you don't, it won't get posted.  For those few of you who need to have "professional" spelled out for you, try the following:

  1. no racism,
  2. no sexism,
  3. no personal attacks,
  4. try to stay on-topic,
  5. _nothing_ classified (yes, I know, that sounds stupid, but),
  6. keep the profanity in check: it doesn't add much to your argument, and kids read this blog,
  7. try to use whole sentences, and
  8. use a spell checker.